Art of a Culture

Other Cultural Arts

Natural Art

Not all artists in any given culture will paint or draw, and this is reflected in the art of many cultures. In many areas, wood and rock have been widely used to create art. Chipped, carved or drawn upon, these items are yet another way for artists to illuminate the aspects of their world that they deem important. Throughout history, many of them have been small enough for easy transportation. This was often a way to spread information and themes through an entire culture that was geographically separated by miles. It is now easier to travel that far, but that is only because of the availability of modern transportation.

All of these arts were created when cultures had enough time for leisure and could support artists, but these are not all the artistic forms of ancient or modern man. Pottery and ceramics were two more ways to share artistic visions and ideas, and they became the basis of the art of many cultures.