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Exploring Green Art

Natural Art

Color is a large part of art in many cultures, but green art does not refer to color. It is part of the growing movement in the world to reduce waste by recycling and reusing materials. Modern artists and craftsmen in many cultures are adding elements of this idea to their art, and it has enhanced their ability to communicate the necessity of taking care of this planet. Their goal is to help spread the message of taking care of the natural environment, and they are becoming more successful every year.

Reusing and recycling has been an environmental goal for the last half century, but communities are still struggling with the concept. Many artists have been leading the charge by displaying artwork that incorporates older pieces that might have once ended up in a landfill. Some of them use it as the core of their art, and others have found it is a good way to add embellishment to their works.

Glass was one of the first projects for many communities interested in recycling, and artists have learned to incorporate older glass pieces into their art. Some of them use broken pieces to build mosaics, but others have chosen to melt different pieces together to create pieces of fused art. Each of these art forms has its own beauty, and they help clean up the environment while providing beauty in the modern world.

Reusing old material is nothing new for the artistic community, but the drive to reuse and recycle has been given new priorities. Along with keeping the environment beautiful and clean, the act of using old pieces also provides artists with a way to create more while spending less on materials for their projects. Glass is just one material that has proven its worth, and metal and plastic materials are also traveling on this new artistic journey.